There are an estimated 5-10 Arc Flash explosions in electrical equipment every day in the United States. Power Engineers LLC is pleased to offer our clients the ability to evaluate your existing and proposed equipment for Arc Flash hazards, and determine the proper protective equipment to be worn by your staff when working on or near energized electrical equipment.
A typical evaluation will determine the available fault current levels and interrupting times of protective devices, available energy should an arc occur, based on the industry-accepted IEEE and NFPA  standards. We will recommend the appropriate class of PPE to be worn by personnel and prepare the labels necessary to be placed on each switchboard, panelboard, etc., listing safe approach boundaries.
NFPA 70E (Electrical Safety Requirements for Employee Workplaces) requires that owners develop a safety program and determine the degree of Arc Flash Hazard. Owners are also required to provide PPE, tools and training for employees and now Warning Labels on most electrical equipment.


For compliance review or for help in evaluating your risks please call our office.